Injection Molding Screw

When It’s All About Uptime

Injection molding technology continues to advance, and we strive to operate in a manufacturing world of excellence while meeting the modern demands of the supply chain and e-commerce.

Yet, at the center of every injection molding process, we are still reliant on the mechanical performance of the barrel and screw. If this componentry wears or even fails, everything comes to a stop.

Injection mold screw

Start-up & Shut Down Preventing Component Wear

Proper start-up & shut down procedures can help prevent component wear and are a vital factor in preventing broken valve tips and screws during plastics processing. Moreover, if these procedures are not followed correctly, they can contribute to adhesive, abrasive and corrosive wear.

Injection Mold Screw worn out

This picture is an example of abrasive wear on an injection molding screw. Component wear affects processing and profits through lower production rates, higher reject rates, and downtime. Click here for valuable guidance from Reiloy on your start-up & shut-down procedures.

Don’t Wait Until It Breaks

You don’t have to wait until you have a catastrophic failure. Reiloy offers a service to customers to facilitate the timely availability of new and reconditioned barrels, screws, valves and end caps. This service, referred to as the Barrel & Screw Stocking Program, is available with no upfront charge and offers peace of mind that you are prepared for unexpected failure, minimizing downtime for you and your customers.

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Reiloy offers some excellent guides in specifying and maintaining your barrels and screws, such as the 11th Edition Handbook. You can request a copy of the handbook on Reiloy USA web