Adding Performance to Evolution

Turner Technologies can assist you with manufacturing automation solutions for more efficient production, reduced unit costs and increased added value. Whether it be simply robotics for plastic injection molding or complete turnkey solutions, we can help.

Demands of Smart Manufacturing

Why Automate?

The modern demands of supply chain management and ecommerce necessitate manufacturers to be more flexible and efficient. For many companies, the first steps towards smart manufacturing can be to automate or increase the amount of automation in the manufacturing process.

Automation can reduce ineffective production steps and increase productivity. Robotics work consistently and faster, constant cycle times reduce process variables and improve consistency. Through improved quality the cost of material waste and reworking can also be reduced.

All of which help companies remain competitive, saving local jobs opposed to site relocation or lost business opportunities.

Turner Technologies can help you automate your processes.

Whether you are planning to add value to your plastic injection molding process, improve quality, increase production output, or mitigate a shortage of labor – we offer you the expertise for the manufacturing automation and integration of simple to complex process steps.

Applications & Technologies

Vision Inspection

In-Mold Assembly

In-Mold Labeling


Total Automation Solutions

Automated QMC System

Turnkey Insert Molding Cell


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