Turner Technologies

           Progress Through Innovation

Turner Technologies is focused on helping plastics processing manufacturers develop a roadmap for the implementation of leading technologies and practices that are beneficial to their business.

Through collaboration with our customers, we assist them define their vision and smart manufacturing goals. Ultimately our goal is to help our customers achieve smart, competitive, and sustainable manufacturing.

Whether it be by introducing adaptive technologies, automation solutions or improving OEE performance through MRO and SMED friendly products, we can assist in the identification and implementation of tailored and cost-effective solutions.

Recognizing that one of the limitations to growth can be the technical demands in implementing new technology we advocate a step-by-step modular approach. Turner Technologies encompasses a technology-focused group working together with plastics processors to strategically assist them remain competitive and profitable.

Dedicated to Uplifting Plastics Processors

Meet the


The Turner Technologies team is dedicated to uplifting plastics processors though years of know-how and experience we can ‘be the way’ to you achieving your vision.

Our lives have been dedicated to the industry and our approach to work is more than just our technical ability. We have included our personal “Whys” based on Simon Sinek’s book, Start With Why. These were uncovered during a recent workshop. We hope it helps you get to know us better.

The Turner Technologies team is part of the Turner Group family. No one comes close in the plastics industry to our collective team experience and know-how.




John Ward

CTO – Turner Technologies

BE THE WAY to live intentionally and usefully so that I may be a guide and a resource to others and to help them grow.”

John was formerly the VP of Sales and Marketing at ARBURG and has over 35 years of experience in technical and managerial roles in the injection molding industry. His experience has encompassed mold design, polymer science for application / functionality design and the development of plastics, specialized applications, injection molding process technology and automated manufacturing.

Laura Douglas

CEO – Turner Group
Orange County, LA, SBO

Scott Gabbert

Sales Leader
Intermountain Region and Pacific Northwest

Andrew Schenck

Area Sales Manager
Bay Area/Riverside

Luis Nunez

Area Sales Manager
Maquiladoras Baja and Sonora, San Diego

Brigitte Lousberg

Area Sales Manager
LA Region and AZ



Turner Group and Turner Technologies endeavor to BE THE WAY for the advancement of the plastics industry.

To BE THE WAY to help our customers prosper and grow while also creating uplifting and rewarding jobs for the workforce.

To BE THE WAY forward through innovation, automation, and leading-edge technology solutions.

Ultimately our goal is to BE THE WAY by guiding and supporting our industry towards achieving smart, competitive, and sustainable manufacturing practices.