Smart Manufacturing:

           A More Intelligent Way To Do It

Turner Technologies is focused on helping plastics processing manufacturers develop a smart manufacturing roadmap for the implementation of leading technologies and practices that are beneficial to their business.

Through collaboration with our customers, we assist them define their vision and business goals. Ultimately, our goal is to help our customers achieve smart, competitive, and sustainable manufacturing.

What is Smart Manufacturing?

This all-encompassing subject is an amalgamation of various technologies and solutions which together, if successfully employed in a manufacturing environment, is dubbed smart manufacturing.

Smart factories also use smart technologies to advance manufacturing efficiencies, improve production quality and reduce delivery times to their customer and/or products to market. Edge Technology is used in conjunction with today’s smart machines which are equipped or prepared to communicate with peripheral equipment, data capturing systems and sensor monitoring devices.

Data collection can be used for machine conditioning, identifying points of failure in advance, improving preventive and predictive maintenance, consequently increasing machine availability and uptime.

For many companies, the first steps towards smarter manufacturing can be to automate or increase the amount of automation in the manufacturing process.

Let Turner Technologies work with you to identify your smart manufacturing goals and help you achieve them.

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Smart manufacturers are leveraging technologies to improve their manufacturing processes and address a shortage of skills and manpower in our industry.

However, technology should not be considered a threat to the workforce, but a platform to uplift and offer more rewarding jobs while off-setting redundancy.

An important aspect in the elevation of the workforce is training. Turner Group and Turner Technologies recognize the importance of people advancement in our industry and proud to be associated with the following training resources.

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