We’re Going Back, and Boy Are We Ready!

We’re Going Back, and Boy Are We Ready!

Arburg Technology Days 2022

Safety always comes first, so we have not held this event since 2019 consequently this year’s trip has been highly anticipated. Next week thousands of customers from all over the world will descend on Arburg in the Black Forest, Germany. As has become the custom, there will be a strong attendance by our U.S. customers and friends. So much to catch up on, and we are all excited to participate again in this industry leading event.

Whether it be a family vacation, bachelor/bachelorette weekend, or a fishing trip with the guys, many tales of the travel start with the fun adventures while missing the deeper connections and meaning of the time together. This is often how Tech Days stories began. Luckily, the story of the value of the trip always comes through, and our guests are quick to exclaim how unique the plant is, the technical presentations and the overall learning experience it was.

Experience Arburg Technologies 

This link will give you access to multiple videos showing Arburg Technology Days over the past years.

We’re Going Back and Boy Are We Ready!


  • arburgXworld: Digital products and services
  • arburgGREENworld: Circular economy and resource efficiency
  • Technology highlights: Over 40 machines with innovative applications
  • Expert presentations
  • Factory tours and individual discussions

Stay tuned for daily updates from Tech Days 2022. 

Arburg Videos

Remember Aurbug Tech Days 2019

ARBURG I Technologie Tage 2019 I Best of

*Video is in German*

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