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Thirty Runs Around The Sun

Turner Group Celebrates

Anniversaries are a big deal, particularly in a company full of team members who give so much of themselves.  Whether it’s with families, our work, schools, churches, or entire communities, our shared belief that we are here to be of service permeates through this team.  Whether in a sales call, with our families, with strangers we meet on the street or through volunteering, this team knows how to show up for others. 

Culture and connection have always been the most important part of our company.  We foster connections with one another, our suppliers, our customers, and our industry.  We see these relationships as “career-long” partnerships, this is our “dash”.   

As a remote team working in different regions of the West Coast of North America, we strive to stay connected through phone calls, Zoom meeting and occasional travel together.  This is why our times together in-person are more meaningful and there is nothing more important than the “human connection” that is achieved.

This past weekend we celebrated our 30 year Turner Group Anniversary and our 20 year Arburg Anniversary together as a team where we learned, laughed, played and cried together.  We believe deep connections can be made in our businesses and we cherish the times we are able to unplug and be together, enjoying one another. 

This is an amazing team of humankind, and we experienced a deep connection that will carry us through until we all meet again at MDM West in February. 

I could not be prouder to lead this amazing team and am excited to see how they shape the future.

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