Supply Chain Disruption Solutions

We have not spoken with any company in the last 60 days that does not mention how the current Supply Chain Disruptions have affected them. From material shortages, long lead times on equipment, labor shortages and steel allocations, these issues have plagued the industry globally.

Screws and Barrels

One of the most effective solutions to combatting the long lead times is the REILOY’S Stocking Program. REILOY offers a screw and barrel stocking program that will allow you to forecast your needs for the next 12 months. We build it and hold it in inventory for you. You do not need to pay for the components until you release them over the next year. 

After one year, you will receive an invoice, and we will ship them to you after 12 months or hold them in inventory for you, allowing you to have the confidence that you will get the right components for your application that can ship in 24 hours.

REILOY is one of the most significant screw and barrel manufacturers in the world, and here are some highlights as to why they are a good partner:

  • REILOY is a significant supplier to every European OEM and an exclusive supplier to most Japanese OEMs. We can provide direct replacements for most of your fleet.
  • They purchased Westland in 2012 and have grown substantially in the US, investing over 30 million in new buildings and equipment. 
  • The latest investment is two new barrel casting lines. 
  • REILOY maintains over 1,000 stock barrel blanks for quick delivery
  • Famous for being the longest-lasting barrel in the industry. REILOY mines their materials and uses the best manufacturing process to ensure uniform dispersion of carbides in the barrel.
  • They have a unique Stocking Program that allows you to keep stock barrels at REILOY’s US headquarter for one year after completion of manufacturing.
  • A Screw and Barrel Handbook created by REILOY is available for customers. It is in the 11th edition and wealth of knowledge. This is used as a resource at universities and internal company training. 
  • A lot of engineered solutions for specific applications or materials. REILOY’s Eagle screw is one of the most highly used designs in the market, and they have a barrier version that is an excellent solution for processing polyolefins. Let us know your materials, and we can explore options.
  • A unique solution that provides drawing with order
  • Full range of plasticizing components from tips, valves, end caps, etc. 

The current disruptions are expected to continue for the next 18-24 months and will touch our lives and businesses in new and unique ways.

There are other SOLUTIONS in the chaos. Some of these include

  • Stock machines available to ship immediately from ARBURG
  • Robots, Conveyor Systems and Automation to make up for the labor shortages from DYNACON, SEPRO, ARBURG and AUTOMATION partners
  • Training programs to help elevate your employees to favourable revenue impact positions from KRUSE TRAINING, BEAUMONT, RHL AND FIMMTECH
  • Quick ship extruders from AMERICAN KUHNE/GRAHAM ENGINEERING
  • Screw and Barrel Stocking Program from REILOY
  • Quick ship loaders, thermolators and drying products from CONAIR

Please contact us at Turner Group or call your local Turner Group Representative for more information.