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Step It Down: Convey Don’t Pay!

2,600,000 steps, woot woot!!!  This is great news for achieving your exercise goals but may not be good news for optimizing your efficiency in the factory.

Here are a few interesting facts that often get overlooked when considering the wasted hours in a plant. Assuming a 100,000-square-foot facility, with a worker density of 1 worker per 100 square foot working 260 workdays/year (52/5), your workers walk 2,600,000 steps at work.  This translates into 518,473 hours or 21,603 days. 

Note:  Total Steps = Average Daily Steps * Working Days * Number of Workers = 10,000 steps/day * 260 days/year * 1,000 works = 2,600,000 steps.

This calculation applied to each shift = 518 annual hours /shift.

safety shoes

Not every step is directly linked to the movement of parts or products. However, parts still need to move between various stages of production, including receiving, storage, processing, assembly, and shipping. Material handling equipment such as conveyor systems, forklifts, or automated guided vehicles (AGVs) can help streamline the movement of parts within the facility. Furthermore, automated handling and conveying can release personnel for more productive tasks.

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Conveyors, crucial in manufacturing

Conveyors play a crucial role in manufacturing processes and offer several advantages that enhance production, efficiency, and overall operation.  Some key advantages of using conveyors in manufacturing are:

  • Increased efficiency: enabling automation for the movement of materials and components.
  • Improved productivity: conveyors can handle heavy loads consistently or intermittently as required.
  • Enhanced safety: eliminate heavy lifting by employees.
  • Flexibility: there is a high degree of flexibility in layout and reconfiguration
  • Space Optimization: conveyors can be installed in overhead or elevated configurations, leaving more floor space for other operations and equipment.
  • Quality control: implementing sensors, scales and other monitoring devices allowing weight and quantity verification, detecting defects, and reducing product damage and mishaps.
  • Cost savings: increased efficiency, productivity and quality control, conveyors reduce labor costs and improve overall resource utilization.

In 2023 Dynamic Conveyor will celebrate its 32nd anniversary. With this milestone, the company has entered a new era. In its history, Dynamic Conveyor has proven itself to be a valuable player in the design and manufacturing of specialty conveyors that include high-quality modular conveyor systems for the manufacturing, food processing and packaging industries.

Today, the company serves these industries with the conveyor solutions to integrate and optimize manufacturing processes. The Company, led by new President, Jordan Musselman, has expanded its capabilities and product offerings to provide a wider range of solutions to meet the diverse needs and demands of the markets.


Turnkey for Complete Solutions

Complete offerings now include custom conveyors, full control packages, and installation services. The result is high-quality full turnkey conveyor solutions and satisfied customers. It’s time for a new line of thinking for the company and its customers.

One example of the different turnkey solutions the company offers is in a food manufacturing operation. The system designed and to be installed by Dynamic Conveyor includes a vision & metal detection system for quality control and faulty product rejection on the production line. The end-of-line solution includes box filling by count with weight verification feeding box taper machines. All are integrated for efficiency and designed to optimize labor and floor space.

The company has been enhancing its professional staff to support its expanded capabilities. Hear from the new additions what excites them most about the future of Dynamic Conveyor.

“Our customers are asking for a single vendor to provide the solutions they need to automate their manufacturing operation. Our experienced Sales, Engineering and Production teams can craft a full set of solutions from the start of the manufacturing line to the end of the packaging line. We are excited to be in the position to meet their unique needs.”

Jordan Musselman

President, Dynamic Conveyor

Dynamic Conveyor’s full line of conveyor solutions

DynaCon, Hybrid, DynaClean, DynaRoller, Box Filling, and DynaPro – are the ingredients for a high-quality solution for the manufacturing, food processing and packaging industries.

It’s time for a new line of thinking. Check Dynamic Conveyor, and share the unique challenges of your operation. They stand ready to serve you.