Need people?

There are straightforward and economical ways to automate and overcome workforce challenges.

Box filling solutions could be your first step towards automating a labor-intensive process as well as solving your personnel shortages. Did you know the payback for a box-filling system can be as quick as 12 months?

Many companies today rely on a stretched labor workforce. Consequently, they cannot continuously fully operate their shifts, resulting in complete production lines being shut down. 

One way to address the people shortage is to automate labor-intensive operations on the production floor, releasing these workers from these roles to be uptrained for more rewarding tasks while at the same time reducing the headcount requirements.

Integrating a box filling system can enable production to run lights out and reduce the headcount cost and people reliance. The night shift is consistently one of the most challenging times to find people, so you can design a cell to run for 8 hours without attention.

Calculate your ROI

Dynacon Conveyor Corporation recommends that the following financial indicators should be included in your justification for investment analysis:

  • Payback Period: How long it takes for the equipment to pay for itself.
  • Return on Investment (ROI): Financing can maximize your ROI by freeing up working capital that can be reinvested to generate additional returns.
  • Tax Savings: Section 179 provides tax savings incentives for buying equipment.
  • The Cost of Doing Nothing: Waiting can be expensive. Waiting too long to acquire a machine can mean missing out on savings more significant than the cost of the equipment.

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Packaging Equipment Acquisition Analysis Center

There are a couple of designs for box filling systems based on your available footprint. One of the more popular ways to do it is an over/under boxing cell. This saves space and usually runs parallel with your machine along the non-operator side. 

You can integrate and synchronize the conveyor with the machine process, which indexes after a set number of shots. It can also be done by weight. Depending on the part design, you can take it one step further and use a robot to fill the boxes. This will allow for orientation if the parts are not bulk-filled. 

There are also side-by-side and inline boxing filling stations. They can be designed around your final box size. 

Automating your process may seem daunting and even overwhelming, but it is necessary to survive in today’s manufacturing world. We have the people and resources to help.

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