Meet The Team: Scott Gabbert, Sales Leader

Scott joined Turner Group in 2015 after serving as VP of Operations at Accurate Plastics, currently known as Cascadia Custom Molding in Spokane, WA.  Scott holds an MBA from Southern Illinois University-Carbondale.  Scott is very dedicated to his two children, Ana, 21 and Matt, 19.  Both are currently in college at UWA and Boise State, respectively.  Matt also plays baseball.

Scott played professional football in 1993 when he was a free agent for the Cleveland Browns and is the proud uncle of Blaine Gabbert, QB for Tampa Bay Buccaneers, playing with Tom Brady.

After serving the Pacific Northwest region with Turner Group for six years, Scott relocated to Boise< ID early 2021 to assume the responsibility of the Inter-Mountain region.  Scott serves as the Sales Team Leader for Turner Group.

We are pleased to introduce you to Scott Gabbert.  Here are a few questions that he answered to allow you to know him better. 

Would you share a happy/fun memory from your childhood?

Spring break trips to Florida. Stopping at a simple motel for an overnight stay because it was a two-day driving trip from St. Louis to Fort Walton Beach. Always during the NCAA basketball tournament and we would watch the games at night before going to bed (and making the second leg of the trip to Florida). 

The white sandy beaches and playing volleyball as a kid with people we didn’t know, getting sunburnt, putting aloe on. It was awesome!

What gives your work life meaning?

Learning new things and sharing what I’ve learned with others

What gives your personal life meaning?

Seeing others succeed, meet their goals and seeing others be happy and satisfied when they reach them.

Favorite city/place in the world and why?


It is always alive, no matter what time of year. That said, summer in Chicago is second to none.

Name one thing you are good at and would be your best piece of advice to someone in this regard?

Bringing people together. No matter where they came from, what they do or where they are going, and seeing them enjoy time together makes me happy. My advice: take time to learn about people without judgement. It will be the best thing you can do for yourself and them.

What are your favorites hobbies?

Not big on hobbies, but I enjoy trying to stay in shape and downtime.

Where is your dream vacation destination?

I am not big on dream vacations, but if pressed, I would say a nice beach.

Where was your favorite vacation?

I’ve been fortunate to have some pretty good vacations. So…My first trip to Mexico. Brand-new all-inclusive resort.  

What is your favorite Turner Group moment?

Hard to pick just one because we always have a great time when together. As much as I hate to say this… the Mission Inn before Christmas when I was the butt of a joke. It was totally hilarious, uncomfortable and creepy at the same time. 

It still makes me laugh and sweat when I think about it or when the group talks about it. Seeing John Ward laugh as hard as he did will never be forgotten. I will leave it to that.

What does company culture mean to you?

It means I can be me, and it will be accepted. It means I am working for more than just a job. I am working for the greater good. Infinite mindset baby!

If you could only eat one type of food the rest of your life, what would it be?

Homemade chocolate chip cookies… or cereal.

What is one of your rule for work?

Have fun!

“We look forward to connecting with you”