Meet Rick Graves, Regional Sales Manager Reiloy USA

Rick Graves

Rick started his career in plastics while still at Wichita State University. He worked for a small aerospace company that contracted out work to a custom injection molder. The company was eventually acquired by an injection molding business and Rick was employed there for almost 20 years. At the time he left, he had worked his way up to General Manager.  In 2014, he joined Reiloy Westland Corporation as Regional Sales Manager.

Where did you grow up?
I was born in Wichita (largest town in Kansas) and moved to the small town of Logan (population around 700) in NW Kansas

Would you share a happy memory from your childhood?
Growing up in a small town was the best. Playing sports, hunting, fishing, and Boy Scouts. Boy Scouts was very important, 5 boys in my family all became Eagle Scouts, and many  family vacations were around scouting

What gives your work life meaning?
Helping our customers. It is why we do what we do

What gives your personal life meaning?
Family! I would not be who I am today without them

Favorite city/place in the world and why?
Anywhere there is family

Name one thing you are good at and would be your best piece of advice to someone in this regard?
Being on time. It is a simple thing, but so many people don’t think about it. I grew up hearing 15 minutes early is on time and on time is 15 minutes late

Where is your dream vacation destination?
Sailing in the British Virgin Islands. I’ve done it and I would still call it my dream vacation

What is your favorite Turner moment?
This is not a simple question, as I enjoy all of the Turner Group. Talking with Laura and Norm in Arizona about life will be a memory that I will always cherish. Talking with the team and learning about their families is a favorite. I know I talk a lot about my three grandkids

What does company culture mean to you?
Family, we obviously consider our employees as family, but we like to build partnerships with our customers and suppliers. We consider them all to be part of our extended family 

If you could only eat one type of food the rest of your life, what would it be?
Scott, do you want to answer that for me? Pad Thai, spicy!!!!

What is one of your unwritten rules for work?
Be on time!!!

“We look forward to connecting with you”