Meet Doug Arndt, Regional Sales Manager, Conair

Doug Arndt

Doug Arndt has over 38 years of experience in the plastics industry with 8 years working at Conair.  Doug began his plastics career with a solid foundation as a process engineer doing compounding for extrusion.  Since then he’s migrated to sales engineering helping customers plan major material conveying and heat transfer systems.  Also, from a technical standpoint, he utilizes his experience to help customers find the best solution for their long term needs.

Originally from Michigan, Doug and his wife now reside in beautiful southern California.  When he’s not helping customers Doug enjoys spending time with family and being outdoors on his motorcycle, mountain bike, or snowboard.

Would you share a happy/fun memory from your childhood?
Summer vacation at the lake in northern Michigan, always memorable.

What gives your work life meaning?
Improving life and work for our customers

What gives your personal life meaning?
Helping others.

Favorite city/place in the world and why?
Luzern, Switzerland…freaking gorgeous.

Name one thing you are good at and would be your best piece of advice to someone in this regard?
Listening, learn how to keep your mouth closed for at least 60 seconds.

What are your favorites hobbies?
Dual sport motorcycle riding, mountain biking, snowboarding.

Where is your dream vacation destination?
Tokyo, Japan…been to the airport but that doesn’t count!

Where was your favorite vacation?
A five-day wedding in New Delhi, lots of people, noisy, colorful, and great food.

What is your favorite Turner Group moment?
Vashon island retreat. Electric bicycles were rented. It was a great opportunity to get to know each other better, connect and laugh hard.

What does company culture mean to you?
Strong leadership from the very top setting the moral compass with which we steer our business and serve our customers.

What would it be if you could only eat one type of food for the rest of your life?
Pastries and pies, not only because Laura and I sold equipment to a pie shop, but because they’re delicious!

What is one of your work rules?
Do what’s right for the customer without question or hesitation.

“We look forward to connecting with you”