Turner Group Team

It’s Showtime!

Turner Group team

We are excited to gather together with our West Coast colleagues next week at MDM.  There is a lot to see and more to talk about.

If you have been in the industry for a long, you know that there is an age-old discussion,  To Attend or Not To Attend from companies all over the world.  It’s easy to make the decision to attend if you have pending budgets and want to make sure you see everything that is new.  But what about those companies that are taking a more cautious approach to spending?  Using a show to educate yourself and your employees about Best Practices, new ideas and new technologies; meeting a supplier face to face and having meaningful conversations or connecting with colleagues is irreplaceable.  Seeing what the industry is focusing on, allows you to plan strategically for the future and make great long-term decisions.

Strategic Parners

Turner Group is proud to introduce you to our Strategic Partners that will be exhibiting this year and have some exciting technologies to talk about.

ArburgARBURG – Booth #4001 

With Sustainability in mind, Arburg will produce closure caps bearing a Digital Watermark that will identify the material in sorting centers.  The parts will be running  K Resin ECO KR01 from Ineos Styrolution, a material that has 70% recycled content with robotic removal.

The new freeformer 300-3X Additive Manufacturing machine will be running Ultem in a ventilation duct for the Aerospace industry.

To complete the lineup, all production cells’ peripheral devices are fully integrated into the machine GESTICA controller.  It will be connected to ARBURG’s host computer system (ALS) where you can record and analyze production data in real-time.  With the ARBURG Remote Service (ARS), you can now have remote service on your machines.  The arburgXworld customer portal will round out the package from the Remote Terminal, where you can experience the future of Digitalization.

Conair LogoCONAIR – Booth #3911

Conair Group will feature a ¼” polycarbonate tube that will cut 5” pipettes requiring no secondary operations.

Starting with the Polycarbonate material, Conair’s carousel desiccant dryer will be equipped with an in-hopper Drying Monitor, and the material will also move through Conair’s Moisture Minder, which is an in-line device that reads the moisture content of moving resin, enabling rapid identification and notification of out-of-spec moisture levels as it moves to the extruder.

From the extruder, the polycarbonate melt passes through sizing inserts as it enters a water-filled, non-contact calibration head mounted at the front end of a Conair Medline Vacuum Sizing Tank.  After exiting the chamber, the puller cutter will control dimensions with closed-loop feedback from a Zumbach system.

Together, data from the ultrasonic and laser gauges are used to regulate puller speed and cooling-tank vacuum to maintain critical tube dimensions over the production run.

After exiting the vacuum tank through a water-seal chamber and air-wipe assembly, the polycarbonate tube is drawn through a Conair Servo Puller, whose digital control continuously receives dimensional input from the upstream sensors makes precise adjustments in line speed to keep tube dimensions consistent.

The rigid polycarbonate tube then enters the Conair MedLine planetary cutter, which continuously and precisely cuts the moving tube into short pipettes. Specially designed for particle-free cutting of rigid or flexible medical-grade plastics, the MTPC planetary cutter employs a rotating cutter head in a servo-controlled travelling cutter.

Sepro America LogoSEPRO – Booth #4111

Sepro is making a big splash this year and you will be able to see Sepro robots on 3 different booths this year  (#4024 and 3877).  We all know that automated molding cells minimize labor requirements and when you add user-friendly controls that simplify training you can address problems related to the high turnover of operators.  While Sepro offers highly complex turnkey molding systems, they will be focusing on simpler solutions that increasingly meet all molders’ needs.

US Extruders LogoUS Extruders – Booth #1450

US Extruders develops a new generation of highly engineered, custom single-screw extruder solutions.  As a motivated and capable supplier committed to providing the highest level of machinery and support to achieve the best possible end product.  To put it plainly, they understand the customer’s needs and build the machine you need, on time, with the performance you expect and backed by their full support.  Please stop by and see why we partner with US Extruders.

SmartFlowBurger & Brown – Booth #3874

The Smartflow product line is all about plant floor efficiency and SMED implementation. From Mold Cooling Efficiency to Quick Mold changes, please stop by and talk with us about manifolds, FasTie ejector tie-ins, flow meters and flow regulators, and the Tracer line with Smartlink.

It promises to be a great show. We are looking forward to seeing you and discovering new technologies ourselves.

As one of our objectives is to discover new technologies, we hope you will share with us what you find interesting and exciting.

See You Next Week!