Quick Mold Change (QMC) reduces downtime and increases equipment productivity. This SMED efficiency win can even go as far as changing a mold within minutes instead of hours.

Experts through experience

EAS mold and die change systems has for many years offered the industry with simple as well as complete solutions for a quick and fast mold changes on injection molding machines as well as die changes on stamping presses. Changing a 1-ton or even 50-ton mold is no longer a time-consuming job of hours, during which the injection molding machine is not producing any parts, but can be done within a few minutes nowadays and if required fully automatic as well.

The EAS strategy is to offer a complete solution from one source with a complete product portfolio.

Flexibility, speed and easy to handle

A mold change system can differ in method and size. Depending on the best fit, the range goes from manual to fully automated transfer, holding one or two molds, with or without preheating and cooling stations. Every degree of automation in this process helps obtaining a faster and hassle-free change-over time.

Hydraulic as well as permanent electric magnetic clamping systems, a complete range of ejector couplers and manual or automatic multi couplers for connecting all utility connections in a few seconds without making any mistakes. For a fully automatic mold change EAS offers mold change tables and mold change cars of which the controls are combined with and or integrated into the machine controls. Tool weights up to 200 tons can be handled with these solutions. Pre-heating stations and cooling down stations can be part of the solutions as well, all to avoid unnecessary down time of the expensive production equipment and to reduce labor cost and to increase safety for the employees.

Mold Tables and Carts

A mold change table can be the solution needed for reliable changeovers. Horizontal loading can be done using a manual or a powered transfer mechanism. Positioning is made easy and simple and using multi couplers systems all needed connections are made in the blink of an eye. The operator manually controls the steps of the mold change, even with an automatic push button control. A mold table or cart always makes a secure alignment with the machine, no adjustments needed.

With the special Laser-defined positioning (unique in the market!) the EAS mold change table is outlined perfectly.

Thanks to in-house development, EAS tables are engineered in such a way that the chain transmissions of multiple tables are operated using just one drive. Less risks, less maintenance, easy to operate.

Care for your molds

To secure the high quality and to prevent issues with the molds during production, preventive maintenance is another important aspect of today’s modern manufacturing. Handling the expensive molds with care is these for an absolute must. Old fashioned and dangerous ways of opening molds with cranes is more and more replaced by inspection units in which the molds can be opened, turned and inspected and tested. EAS offers a wide range of such equipment including small and large transport cars for a safe and easy transport from the production area towards the maintenance and repair shop.

Quick, small and lean

EAS also brings a small version of their tool cart to the market. Offering easy loading of a tool, without manual labor. The loading height of this hand tool cart is adjusted effortlessly and, docked onto the IMM, a push/pull arm loads the tool automatically into the machine. It provides a rapid and efficient way of converting a manufacturing process from running the current product to running the next product.

The right time to change is now!

Learn what specific QMC systems and solutions would best fit your production process.



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