How quick is quick?

ULTRA Extruders from Graham Engineering

In today’s world of supply chain and logistic challenges, the term “quick delivery” has become an oxymoron. 

Regardless of the current situation, “quick delivery” has always been a relevant term and subject to the associated norm for the said deliverable.

In the realm of custom extrusion, processors have traditionally been faced with choosing either a virtual machine with no customization or a custom machine with very long lead times. 

Graham Engineering, recognizing that this is not often a manageable choice, has developed a line of extruders in the ULTRA family, with a pre-engineered core structure, but with the benefit of many areas of customization available … and without a lead time penalty. 

Made in the USA and available in 16 sizes and hundreds of possible configurations, the ULTRA extruders offer proven technology and high-quality components with all the technical features your application requires. 

Graham can provide this expedited delivery on machinery ranging from 1” diameter extruders to 3.5” diameter. Customization is available without negatively impacting delivery, including motor horsepower, gear ratios, temperature-controlled feed sections, the number of controllable zones, centerline height, mounting arrangements, and many more.

Control System Options 

It includes discrete devices or your choice of three levels of the Navigator® system. 

  • XC100 Navigator is a powerful, functional and streamlined replacement of discrete controls for the operation of a single extruder. 
  • XC200 Navigator offers expanded functionality for one or more extruders in simultaneous operation. 
  • XC300 system extends robust, intelligent control across a multiple-component extrusion system. 
Range of Options and Customization 

These various options and levels of customization allow the ULTRA family of extruders to be utilized in virtually every process and industry, including tubing, wire & cable, sheet & film, pelletizing, profile and extrusion. 

Many feature upgrades are standard on the ULTRA series, including stainless steel barrel covers, screw and barrel hardening packages, fully functional touch screen control, and more. 

Seamless Startups

Furthermore, each ULTRA extruder undergoes comprehensive wet testing before shipment to ensure a speedy and trouble-free startup at your facility. 

Graham Engineering invites you to watch your ULTRA extruder run under load with your resin or similar stock resin during a wet test in their state-of-the-art York, Pennsylvania facility.