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Spotlight™ Medical Extrusion and Secondary Operations Conference

In this week’s blog post, we bring you the latest updates from our partners. You can find details on Graham Engineering Spotlight™ Medical Extrusion and Secondary Operations Conference on September 27 & 28 in York, PA. From Conair, we have information about Using Auxiliary Equipment. To finish, don’t miss out Reiloy on how to optimize the use of high-performance screws.

Graham Engineering

Graham Engineering– Medical Extrusion Conference

Don’t miss this important technical event featuring Dr. David White, founder and President of Extrupharm LLC.  He has led product development for drug-eluting implants for drug release, pain management, epilepsy, Parkinson’s and HIV. 

This event is for everyone that is interested in extruding medical tubing and performing secondary operations such as braiding, over-molding, surface treatment and laser drilling for catheters and delivery systems. 

Graham can support all your extrusion needs.

See registration information below.

Conair Machines

Conair – Extrusion Processing: The Basic Guide to Using Auxiliary Equipment

A great machine is critical to the extrusion process but all too often, the same care that goes into choosing the right technology for machinery is sacrificed when choosing the right auxiliary equipment.  Read more here on how technology affects the extrusion process from an auxiliary perspective.

Conair can help you with all your upstream and downstream extrusion processes and help optimize your system.

Reiloy Screws

Reiloy – Optimize All Your Extrusion Processes With High Performance Screws

Practically all thermoplastics can be processed by extrusion, but in order for the extrudate to maintain its shape until solicification, extrusion grades require a higher molecular weight associated with higher viscosity and melt strength.  

Extrusion screws tend to have greater shear capability, resulting from the increased use of barrier designs and grooved feed barrels. 

Reiloy’s Eagle mixer for extrusion applications has proven to be very successful in the extrusion process while minimizing the shear.

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