Developing A Skilled Workforce 

When we ask our customers what their biggest challenge is, more often than not, the response is the shortage of skilled plastics processing personnel in the industry.

Consequently, many companies faced with this problem train their employees internally. As a result, it is not unusual to have a conversation with a person within our industry and learn they have worked their way by learning on the job.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with developing reliable employees and giving them every opportunity to progress towards more rewarding jobs. However, to maximize employees’ full potential, it is beneficial to enroll them in a formalized training program.

Training has many benefits, and it improves efficiency and productivity; trained employees also require less supervision. Training also results in fewer accidents, improves morale, and offers more opportunities for promotion.

There are many training companies and training aids available in our industry today.

1) Technical Books:

There is a wide range of materials, ranging from polymer science to mold design.


2) Theoretical and hands-on training courses: The classroom environment combined with practical operations offers a balanced combination of learning.


3) Online learning: Interactive learning has become very popular due to its flexibility of time management and no travel required. As a result, simulators and Virtual aids are becoming more common.

4) Blended learning: An effective combination of online learning and classroom learning is becoming very popular due to larger companies training more employees.

5) Seminars: There are many seminars and webinars available. Technical and interactive presentations by industry experts are usually topical and informative.


Please join our industry partners and us for an informative program introducing some of the latest technologies. And learning how to improve your production efficiencies and stay ahead of your competition.


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Technology Seminar and Workshop

July 14, 2021

9:00 – 3:00

Davis Technical College

Freeport West Extension

Freeport Center, Building D-5

Clearfield, UT 84016


ARBURG Presentations

· New technologies

· Industry 4.0 / Connectivity and integration of auxiliary equipment

· Clean-room manufacturing concepts

Smartflow Presentation

· Scientific cooling for quality and traceability

SMED Presentation
· SMED takes the mystery out of quick mold change
ARBURG Workshop
· Hands-on demonstration of the power, freedom and flexibility of the SELOGICA controller
· The programming and understanding of process graphics for improved process control