MDM 2022 - We’re Waiting for You

Culture as a Verb- From Me to We

30 Years as Turner Group

When you start up a company with a few employees and few customers, it’s easy to stay on top of culture and focus on who you are. But as you add more customers and employees, it’s easy to get caught up in the activities for continued success. Guarding culture during booming years is one of the most important tasks we can focus our time on.

Capturing “culture” in words can be challenging and risks reading like millions of other mission statements or value statements published by millions of different companies over the years.

Our team members have put together a note to future team members to help them understand who Turner Group is, and I would like to share it with you.

Go Getters

Go-Getters who are excited about Monday mornings. If you are a self-starting hustler with relentless focus and self-discipline, dedicated to owning one’s ambition, a competitive Bad ASS, constantly pushing, never accepting excuses, you will fit in. But it would help if you balanced this while sharing the vision of optimism, collective growth, always being responsive and aligned to being a team player.

This alone is hard for most people but isn’t close enough to be part of this group! We want go-getters who….

Do The Right Things

You must live with Integrity. You pride yourself in always doing the right thing, especially when no one looks. You always honour your commitments, keep your promises, and serve without selfish motive or personal gain. You practice an uncompromising truth and being honest without exception with everyone you work with and for. So transparent and truthful, you always sleep soundly at night.

If you have made it this far into the Turner Group core values and aren’t turned off, don’t stop now!

MDM 2022 – We’re Waiting for You

Be The Way

We want you to Be The Way!

You are a leader, and you lead by example. You are a reliable rudder for maintaining a course of true north, having the strength of character to speak your mind with passion, directness and kindness. You are a shining light, care for others and remain humble along the way. This is how you earn credibility with your customers in addition to demonstrating professionalism through competency by:

If You Don’t Pass, You Can’t Play!

Everything up to here doesn’t matter if you aren’t a team player. If You Don’t Pass, You Can’t Play

You understand your role and hold yourself accountable. You are a flexible and welcome collaboration. 

You must be open-minded and willing to do everything, from the easy, fun stuff to the complicated, uncomfortable stuff. You are committed to the team and bring a positive attitude to everything you do. How else will you develop and grow? 

Work-Life Balance

Work is important, but you must have Work-Life Balance. 

You need to be able to have fun. You are still driven without taking yourself too seriously. Valuing family and friends, balancing work and play, and always looking on the bright side. We choose to be happy above all else.

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