Auditing Your Automation

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We all can agree that automation is the future

Automating the manufacturing process and lean manufacturing have the same goals – to improve our Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) while meeting our customers’ needs at the most effective cost. 

It allows us to reduce waste on the production floor, adding value to our companies.

We all agree that automation is the future and needs to be considered at every level of our processes. In manufacturing, automation can quickly increase production efficiency by 30 percent. A substantial production increase improves output and allows manufacturers to become more competitive in their market. 

Automation should accomplish the following goals:

· Provide a safer work environment

· Produce higher efficiency

· Increase overall profits

· Minimize human error

Jobs have changed, and molds have improved. Is your automation keeping up?

Although much emphasis has been put on unemployment due to automation, the opposite is true. Automation can create new job positions, promote skill improvement, and shift the responsibility of employees who can manage robots on the production line. 

Since 45 percent of repetitive work tasks can be automated, this can also lead to higher-paying, more meaningful work for employees, such as problem-solving and creative idea solutions. Entrusting employees with a more challenging and rewarding career can boost morale and improve efficiency beyond automation alone.

Knowing the time and place for automation creates a powerful, effective tool

Technology is growing at an exponential rate. We recognize that automation is the way forward for the tech industry, but it can be a double-edged sword. It can cut costs and reduce maintenance when done right, but it can also convolute processes and increase budgets when it is done wrong. Automation works and saves money. We all know that, but when automation is done wrong, it can bring a process to a standstill. Knowing the time and place for automation creates a powerful and effective tool.

Many of our customers that have invested in automation in the past are discovering that it may not be running at full optimization. Jobs have changed, controls are more sophisticated, molds have improved, and there may be waste that has been carried over into these new processes. We can come in and audit your automation cells or help you develop an ROI that shows where your investment is best applied. Robots should enhance our jobs and enrich people’s lives.

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