Arburg Open House

ARBURG Open House, Irvine, CA

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November 10th, 2022

Know your Production – Adaptive molding through connectivity and integration

Arburg Open House

We are pleased to announce the ARBURG 2020 Open House and Seminar to be held at the ARBURG Technology Center in Irvine, CA.

Join us for a review of how connectivity and integration can increase your production and improve the transparency of your process.

Presentations by Industry Specialists

Digitalization for Green Production
Daniel Heinzelmann, ARBURG 

Adaptive process control: Take charge of what is happening inside your mold
Fabian Kienzler, BARNES GROUP

Remote service and trouble shooting in the palm of your hands
Daniel Heinzelmann, ARBURG

 K-Show: Latest Tooling technology: the CITI Technology
Jan Nietsch, BARNES GROUP 

Not going to the K-Show?

Come see what you missed!

K 2022 technology highlights

Juergen Giesow, ARBURG

For more information and registration:

Please contact Gisela Leuterer

(860) 667-7402