Arburg is setting the standard for digitalised plastics processing

Digitalisation is advancing in leaps and bounds for both Arburg and our customers.

Arburg is an industry pioneer in the field of digitalisation. Users of Arburg machines are now managing their fleets via the company’s customer portal, arburgXworld. The portal facilitates service requests, spare parts ordering and maintenance. The “arburgXworld” program combines the entire range of digital products and services.

The portal consists of four apps:

  • Machine center, which offers a machine fleet overview.
  • Service center to manage service tickets.
  • Shop to order spare parts online.
  • Calendar, which displays upcoming maintenance tasks.

Cloud-based apps can be accessed by a PC or mobile device. The purpose of arburgXworld is to provide customers with easy access to all relevant data about every Arburg machine they are operating.

The machine center app enables centralized access to production-relevant documents, including spare parts catalogs. The machine fleet information is sourced from the Arburg database, updated in real-time so that portal customers will have immediate access to the latest news.

The service center app allows service tickets to be filed 24/7 from any mobile device with access to arburgXworld. The app displays open service tickets, the status of each ticket and the planned deployment of service technicians, which can be tracked on the app. When Arburg receives the ticket, it will contact the customer for more information, including photos sent through the app. All service app communications are automatically documented and become part of the machine’s service history. The app’s purpose is to save time, minimize machine downtime and target communications to those who need to know.

The shop is designed to make it easy for customers to locate and order needed parts. The shop app features interactive navigation and 3-D previews of aspects. The app provides price and availability information. It also keeps a record of all elements that are ordered in case repeat orders are needed.

Continuously supplemented with new features.
The portal is being continuously developed according to customer needs and market requirements. One new feature, for example, is the “AnalyticsCenter” app. This analysis tool, which has been available since June 2021, has been specifically designed to document mold sampling, trials, and injection molding processes.

A clear dashboard uses charts and trend diagrams to display the production data of machines networked via an IIoT gateway and provides a quick overview of essential indicators – either online or via a mobile device.

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