arburg anniversary days 2023


2023 is a very special milestone as we celebrate 100 years of the Hehl family company!
arburg anniversary days 2023

The biggest in-house event in the injection molding industry will take place on March 7th to 11th, 2023, at ARBURG’s state-of-the-art central manufacturing facility in Lossburg, which is located in the Black Forest, Germany.

This year’s event is particularly special, as we will be celebrating 100 years of the Hehl family business and 20 years of ARBURG Technology Days.

If you missed the K-Show, the ARBURG Anniversary Days is a must-see event that will showcase the latest technology and the industry focus on the Circular Economy, which was the major theme of the K-Show and of high interest to many visitors.

Anniversary Days visitors will experience more than 50 exhibits with innovative applications, arburgXworld smart factory, arburgGREENworld, presentations by experts, and individual discussions.

There are also tours of the impressive 2.1 million square feet production facility that demonstrates a sustainable approach to manufacturing as well as a high level of automation and vertical integration.

Arburg's Tech Days
  • 20 years of ARBURG Technology DaysMore than 50 machines from 14 tons to 720 tons will be running many innovative applications
  • Electric, Hydraulic and hybrid ALLROUNDERS of all series and sizes
  • arburgXworld smart factory
  • arburgGREENworld sustainability solutions and technology
  • Applications – thermoplastic, thermoset, silicone, powder injection metal, recycled and biobased materials, etc.
  • Clean-room molding, packaging solutions, automotive applications
  • Lightweighting, micro-molding, multi-component, vertical, insert / over-molding etc.
  • Robotic systems, automation and turnkey-solutions
  • Factory tour of our 2.1 million square feet state-of-the-art production facility
  • Individual consultations with our experts for your specific application and questions
  • Lectures and presentations given by internal and external industry experts

For North American visitors, ARBURG, Inc., organizes the entire trip from the US and Canada. The package includes flights, hotel, meals, and transportation. Click here for registration.

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