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APPs of Our Lives

Whether you listen to Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook with the dire warnings of layoffs on the social media platforms or use apps to turn the lights on in your house, open the garage door, or manage your home’s sound system, we have all become very reliant on these tools. It’s evident that apps are here to stay.

The Internet has provided us with free phone service on apps like WhatsApp, allowing us to stay in touch with our friends and colleagues worldwide. LinkedIn has provided access to our customers, vendors and friends and kept us current with our industries and technology.

The Top 10 Apps During Covid

mobile apps

The top 10 apps during Covid, based on the Top Ten Apps With the Most Downloads During Covid-19 article from Liquid Bubble, focused on entertainment and connection. We are back in person to most events we were accustomed to before Covid. We will continue to use social platforms digitally as well as in person.

Turner Group App

As we grow in technology, there are many ways to connect with news and information pertinent to our businesses. The Turner Group app is one of these and is available on the Apple iTunes store. Currently available on iPhones and iPads, we are reformatting it to also be available on your PCs and Androids, and this will go live next week. This is where you’ll find everything from product information from our suppliers to new technologies etc.

APPs in Our Industry

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Digitization in our industry is progressing, and products and platforms are readily available from equipment OEMs and independent companies.

Such platforms offer dashboard apps and integration with factory management systems such as MES, ERP etc., making it possible for companies to initiate IoT solutions affordably and without lengthy implementation periods. It lets manufacturers transform their processes and procedures into smart manufacturing practices digitally.

Some suppliers now offer customer portals as a communication gateway and a platform for app packages providing smart services. Such platforms facilitate access to equipment-specific information, data, schematics etc. Service, remote support, spare parts identification and shopping are all live and interactive. 

Augmented Reality apps for Maintenance, repair and training are proliferating. The global augmented reality market for Maintenance, repair, and overhaul is projected to reach $3.319 billion by 2024. The AR MRO market boost is linked to the growth of the manufacturing industry and the focus on accelerating MRO activities to increase enterprise efficiency.

In today’s world, we all want information and solutions at our fingertips – we want apps’ convenience and benefits.