A Graduation Gift

A Graduation Gift

Many of us will be enjoying the beat of Pomp and Circumstance over the next few weeks as we celebrate our friends, children and grandchildren’s graduation ceremonies. Millions of students will cross the stage in their high school gymnasium or college football field for that long-awaited moment of turning their tassle and tossing their caps.

Well-intentioned Advice to Young People

According to Scott Galloway, well-intentioned advice to young people to follow their passion should be cautioned to ensure that we aren’t setting them up for frustration. If your child is tone-deaf, a career as a musician may be poor advice. Still, perhaps the passion for music in a career as a Talent Representative will reap the satisfaction and desire for a meaningful job. Dr. Scott Galloway speaks about The Two Most Important Keys to Succeed at Life and Work.

Talent and passion should be linked in ways that make it possible to be happy. Life needs to be meaningful, and this book, The Algebra of Happiness, is a great video to share with or watch with your graduate. Enjoy this 80-minute video!

The Excitement of New Experiences

The excitement of moving out of the house, the dorm, getting a job, or traveling is riddled with fear and uncertainty. Our young friends have experienced unprecedented times over the last few years. Helping them grow into meaningful lives is the responsibility of all of us to help guide them and help them maneuver these times and not leave them alone to find their own way.

One of the best gifts you can give a graduate could be Dr. Viktor Frankl’s, Man’s Search for Meaning. As one review notes, If you’re in pain, read this book. If you’re scared, read this book. If you are lost, read this book. If you are happy, read this book. If you have time, read this book. If you don’t have time, read this book. Read this book, read this book.”

Help Youth to Launch Into Life

Helping our youth launch into a life or career of meaning is one of the most important things we can do. Spend this final summer or last weeks with them to love them, share with them, encourage them and send them off to find their way in this big, wonderful world.